Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ram Lambs

Some pictures of two of our ram lambs. The top one is WIN515A out of DJA43U Rosey and DJA107Y Big Show. They are looking out for his sister who is calling from further out in the pasture. The bottom photo is of WIN512A out of WKW1U Ivy and BRO70Z Friar Tuck. These are just a sample of what these boys put on the ground this year. They are lovely boys. These boys are April born lambs.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This Years Herd Sires

WIN12X Odo (soon to be listed for sale) he is not registered but is out of registered stock. This boy always puts nice lambs on the ground. He is going up for sale as we have enough of his line. His sire was shipped to Scotland and his Mum just had her last lambing here. Wonderful line!

 Next up is DJA107Y Big Show Registered Katahdin. This boy did a great job this year and surprised us with some red/brown lambs. He is no disappointment and will make a wonderful replacement for WIN12X who will be up for sale soon.

Next up the Dorper side of things. WIN71Y SuperNova has put some lovely lambs on the ground and we are expecting some great things out of this boy. He replaced his Sire in our line up.
Last but not least is our new addition BRO70Z Friar Tuck (Tucker). This boy did not disappoint! His lambs are lovely! He did a great job with some nice sturdy lambs on the ground this year. As a yearling he is really shaping up nice.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

WIN17X and DJA107Y

WIN17X and DJA107Y (Big Show) have created some lovely ewe lambs together! You can see the long wavy hair coats that Big Show's lambs have a tendency to have. I find this rather amusing since Big Show has a short dense coat! Love the little black eye on the one little girl.

Random Lamb pic

Here are some of our lambs, we have some beautiful lambs this year. Lambing is well under way and we are about 60% done. We have some beautiful crosses as well as purebred Dorpers and Katahdins.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

DJA41U Shorty's Twins

Shorty DJA41U has had her twins! A lovely Ewe lamb (with the red around her eye) weighed 10.8 lbs and a little white ram lamb weighed 8.4 lbs. Proud Papa is DJA107Y Big Show. I am seeing a pattern here with his lambs having long wavey hair. Did not see that coming since he has short dense hair. Beautiful lambs with nice sturdy legs.

Ebony's Twin Ram Lambs

Ebony has had her twins! Twin ram lambs. One Chocolate and one White with Chocolate marks. These little boys are 1/4 Dorper and 3/4 Katahdin. Dad is Big Show. Chocolate one weighed 7.8 lbs and the white with chocolate marks weighed 10 lbs even! Love these two and wish they were ewes!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting Big

Just a few pics of some of the girls that are waiting for their lambs to arrive.

Clair's Premies are doing great

Clair had her triplets very early and the smallest ewe lamb did not make it. The other little ewe lamb was the strongest. The ram lamb was born with no teeth erupted, eyes still sealed shut, could not stand, suck or regulate his body temp. Today he ventured outside for the first time! His eyes are bright, he loves his bottle and he has 2 teeth. He jumps around rather well follows me around. He is still wearing a little coat until I can be sure he is regulating his temp well and will not chill. Here he is hanging around with Mum and sister.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

50/50 Ram Lamb

Here is picture of the one 50/50 Dorper Katahdin ram lamb that was retained to raise. He is turning out nice.

Cold weather water

Here is a look at our winter water situation. We haul water in on a tank put on the truck. We then deposit it into lots of water troughs for the sheep. This it the water for the main pen of bred ewes. Most days in the winter the ice on top of the water is broken a few times a day so they can drink. It is nice when the sun is out and keeps the water from freezing. We only filled 6 - 7 tubs for this group if it is very cold as they loose the water to ice. We just fill from scratch that much more often. When warmer we can fill the load and it will last them up to a week.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stage One is Done!

Stage one of bringing in real power is finally done. The first picture was taken Feb 26th when they were preparing to install the poles. Lots of snow on the ground that day (my previous post of the ewes with very little snow had the picture taken just a couple of days before that). I took the pictures of the poles up just this morning and we are back to very little snow. However! We are under a winter storm watch so that may change yet again. Gotta love Alberta weather. We are looking forward to having full power but we will be using the "grid" to replace our generator. We still plan on using our wind and solar as our main power.